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Flight School

Lake Country Airways is pleased to announce the re-opening of its flight school offering training to the public for the following Canadian licences: Private Pilot Licence, Seaplane (Float) Rating, Night Rating
What do I need to get a Pilot License?
Pursuant to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (Canadian Law), the requirements are paraphrased below with additional explanations followed below:
Medical Fitness
(including a flight of 150 nm with 2 full stop landings at points other than departure)
Additional Information and Explanations to Requirements Chart
Further explanations for above:
1. AGE – You may start your training and acquire a Student Pilot Permit at age 16, however you cannot get your licence until age 17.
2. MEDICAL – In order to solo, you must have a valid medical. This can only be provided by doctor approved to conduct aviation medical exams. The cost of the medical is about $100 (up to $150) and is not covered by OHIP or the school. The LCA staff can assist you with finding an approved doctor or you can google:
3. KNOWLEDGE – Pilot candidates may elect one (or both) of the following options:
In either case, pilot candidates must pass the Transport Canada written exam with a minimum mark of 60%.
4. EXPERIENCE – The 45-hour flight time, outlined in the chart, represents the legal “minimum requirement”. It does not, however, provide an accurate reflection of the national average. Most individuals, that are “new” to aviation and have average ability, will require about 60 hours of flight instruction in order to be prepared for the flight test (conducted by a Transport Canada authorized flight test examiner).
Can I get a job with a Private Pilot License?
NO. In order to get a job (flying), pilots must have (at the very least) a Canadian Commercial Pilot License. If the objective is to fly for an airline, pilots must have an Airline Transport Pilot License.
If you travel for your current business, you may utilize an aircraft for that travel and charge back (your company or boss) the operational cost of the aircraft as long as it is incidental to the business, i.e. “you would have gone there anyway (probably by car).” You may NOT charge any “pilot fees.”
Are there any Government grants or financial incentives available?
Currently, there are no grants available, however parts of the Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot License and additional ratings can be claimed if you intend on pursuing a career in aviation and you are a Canadian citizen.
The tuition and portions of the flight training are tax deductible, however club membership fees and textbooks are not.
What does it cost to get a Private Pilot License?
A current price schedule for products, services and fees (and government fees) is available at the LCA front desk.