Our Planes

We have a fleet of five float-equipped aircraft comprised of three different types – the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, Cessna 185 and Cessna 172 –  that can meet your individual needs. Lake Country Airways’ fleet is equipped to land on water, grass and traditional runways, opening up so many more getaway options for you to explore.

dHc-2 Beaver

We have two de Havilland Beavers, both equipped with amphibious floats, giving us the ability to pick up and deliver you to almost anywhere there is water or a runway. There is seating for up to 7 passengers with a maximum weight of 850 pounds, including baggage, depending on the length of the trip. There is ample baggage area, so load up the golf clubs or all your cottage needs before being whisked away to your happy place.


Wingspan: 15 m
Range: 650 km
Cruise Speed: 160 km/h
Service Ceiling: 10,000ft

Cessna 185

We have two Cessna 185s, another workhorse of the north. One of our 185s has amphibious floats and is a perfect fit for smaller parties of one to three looking to escape the city from downtown Toronto.


Wingspan: 11 m
Range: 1,050 km
Cruise Speed: 215 km/h
Service Ceiling: 10,000 ft

Cessna 172

Our smallest aircraft, the Cessna 172, is perfect for sightseeing tours and our famous Fly and Dine trips. With seating for two (or three) passengers with a maximum weight of 400 pounds, it’s the most economical way to experience all the area has to offer.


Wingspan: 11 m
Range: 800 km
Cruise Speed: 160 km/h
Service Ceiling: 10,000 ft

Skip the cottage country traffic.

Land Dockside

We can pick you up at Billy Bishop Airport, drop you off at to your lakeside cottage, then pick you up and bring you back to Toronto, skipping the dreaded Cottage Country traffic that can really put a damper on a relaxing weekend at the cottage.


We want to let you know a couple of important precautions we are taking to protect our staff and families and do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19.
We ask that whenever possible, we do everything electronically and avoid face to face contact temporarily. In this day of technology, we can go the extra mile to mitigate any unnecessary interaction.
If you are picking up or dropping off anything, we will, of course, welcome you but will limit your interaction to the front desk.
We are optimists and believe that by limiting our interactions, we can slow down COVID-19 so we can all enjoy the nicer weather that is almost upon us. We expect that in a month things will be much better all around.
Thank you for your understanding!
Lake Country Airways