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Surrounded by heavy weed growth, the water here is shallow with soft-bottomed back bays.
Many areas are littered with logs and blowdowns which provide excellent habitat for large concentrations of Bigmouth Bass.

Plan your escape to Ontario’s best-kept secret fishing destination with Lake Country Airways. We’ll fly you to this remote outpost, where you can enjoy a pure fishing adventure surrounded by the blissful quiet of nature. A place where fish swim in abundance and the immersive experience is certain to reel you in. 

This rustic cabin on the lake features one bunk bed and two single beds to comfortably accommodate up to four adults. The cabin itself has one large common room for relaxing with friends or family, and is the only cabin on the lake. The kitchen is fully equipped with a sink with running water, propane fridge and stove in addition to cooking utensils and other necessities. A propane barbecue is provided for outdoor cooking.

Woodland Lake Outpost Cabin Features

  • Beds for 4 (1 bunk, 2 single)
  • Propane fridge, wood stove and lighting
  • Running water in kitchen
  • 2 docks
  • 2 Aluminium boats
  • 2 outboard motors
  • Gas barbecue
  • 1 Canoe
  • Only Cabin on the Lake!