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Advanced Float Training

Arrangements can be made to gain experience in Advanced Float Training. Spend some time with one of our experienced pilots and see what it takes to properly load and operate a float plane into small, remote lakes. Come see what “Bush Flying” is all about!

Lake St. John and the surrounding area is the ideal “training grounds” for gaining experience in piloting a floatplane.

Our pilots will show you everything there is to float flying with small lakes, rivers, open water and large harbours – all within a short flight from the Orillia Rama Regional Airport. 

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The 25 hour Career Bush Pilot training program is geared towards pilots entering the industry, or those who want an understanding of float flying.
We pride ourselves on offering seaplane training to our clients that is second to none. Graduates leave our facility feeling confident in their newly acquired seaplane skills, but also aware that there is still much to learn, that can only be acquired by personal experience.
Our 25 hour Career Bus Pilot training program is a dual flight instruction program, focused on continuous training throughout the session. All our flight training is conducted in either a Cessna-172 (fixed pitch propeller) or Cessna C-180 (constant speed propeller).
Lake country airway now offers a 25 hour career or personal BUSH PILOT COURSE. This dynamic course is designed for individuals who want a deeper understanding and challenging float flying experience to further there interest in this industry as a career or further your confidence to operate your own float aircraft. Students can take advantage of some of Orilla and Parry Sound many remote and scenic lakes , terrain and weather during the course. The course will start with the basics and builds on those skills continually throughout the training Human factors, Max gross operations, remote locations and 1 overnight camp stop (optional) are just a few areas of the course that are included. All of lake Country airways instructors have extensive background working in the Bush flying industry with many years of experience in the field of float flying.

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Cost: $8,495.00 / 340.00 per HR

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Cost: $7,000.00 / 280.00 per HR
Training location at Georgian Bay Airways in Parry Sound.
This package includes:
Please allow 2 weeks to complete, it may take less time, but this allows for days off from bad weather or personal reasons.
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