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Welcome Aboard!

Fly with Us and Discover a Whole New Adventure!

Welcome to Wilderness Adventures - a new and exhilarating service from Lake Country Airways that promises to change your perception of a family break forever! Our broad range of locations offer peace, solitude, family memories and some of the best places to fish in Ontario!

Experience the Real Canadian Outdoors and allow Lake Country Airways to fly you there. Lake Country Airways has access to some truly remote locations in Central Ontario and thanks to our float equipped aircraft and our highly skilled pilots we can get you there safely.

Wilderness Adventures include a flight to your destination of choice from our Lake Country Airways HQ at Lake St John's Airport. We will drop you off to enjoy your Wilderness Adventure and we'll pick you up when you're done.

Convenience and excitement!

A Wilderness Adventure from Lake Country Airways is a superb opportunity for a family fishing vacation, a kayaking trip or a plain old fashioned outdoors experience. It's also a great way to simply spend some quality time with family, friends or just yourself!

Contact us today to find out more!

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